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  2. Hey man, Chris Frasca runs a gaming discord, we looking for old friends from NGG, if you get this check it out:  https://discord.gg/z3CwXcZ7aJ

  3. Hey dude, Steve R Jones here, Chris Frasca runs a discord here: https://discord.gg/z3CwXcZ7aJ

    We trying to get a bunch of the old school NGG guys over to play games and shit, and keep in touch

  4. Hey dude, Steve R Jones here, Chris Frasca been asking for you, he runs a discord here: https://discord.gg/z3CwXcZ7aJ

  5. Did you go by the name Jason West a while back ago? 

  6. plis givv fdsa badge thensku luv u

  7. sup Mattias

  8. hopefully ill be home to be apart of this 1v1, gotta earn these shekels!!
  9. Yeah I joined USRP at a time.

  10. wew my join date before urs on this forum

  11. ello good sir

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    2. Melvin


      Very good, wbu?

    3. Johnny_Giard


      Not doing too bad. What have you been up to ?

    4. Melvin


      full time work, what else? covid has messed up everything here in Australia (just like everywhere else)

  12. yooo

    1. Danny Holmes

      Danny Holmes

      sir sir sir, kya haal hain.. long timee

    2. Melvin


      haha bro, was just busy with my studies, now trapped in the usual work-life. 

  13. no, we are ready for the 13th.
  14. Will it get pushed back on the 13th aswell?
  15. Ren


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