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  1. The community's always gunna be here anyway. We've been bound to it for years n we can't escape
  2. You have some connection with The Asylum?

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    2. BillyGreaves


      nah Chris smells really bad obie, trust me

    3. Chris Bluman

      Chris Bluman

      I smell like used johnnies and niffed out cigs

    4. Obie Jones

      Obie Jones

      You smell like a man. sniff sniff

  3. Hey Billy,
    I just wanted to say you are looking kind of cute today. 💋

    1. BillyGreaves


      thanks fellow seshhead

  4. Lmao I remember you, it's ok my prince
  5. nah dude I meant the LGG we had previously in late 2012-early 2013
  6. bruh you re-launched LGG without me? :(
  7. great man, hopefully graduating from school tomorrow :p Wbu? Have you ever heard from Dave again btw?
  8. How you doing my man <3