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  1. Lue

    Dude i love that ur profile pic is still chibbs LOL

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    2. Jason


      @Chris Bluman I want them to do a show that focuses on John Teller, Clay, Gemma and such. Like a prequel to SoA, would be sick.

    3. Chris Bluman

      Chris Bluman

      @Jason I heard they were supposed to be doing that a few years ago, that would be better than Mayans

    4. Lue


      @Jason No way bro. We need to a fucking spin off called "Thomas & Abel" imagine we see a 18 year old Thomas, joining the club like his pops. type shit.

  2. child fondler 

  3. [TABLE] [TR] [TD] Information To connect to the Next Generation Legacy Teamspeak 3 server, it is as simple as ensuring you have the latest version of Teamspeak 3 installed. Once Teamspeak is installed, the simplest way to make sure you can connect to the server in future is to click this link which will launch Teamspeak and direct connect you to the server. From there click the bookmarks tab at the top of the window and create a new bookmark. Add a server and client nickname as you wish and save. This will allow you to quickly and easily connect to the server from th
  4. [TABLE] [TR] [TD] Information In order to play UG-MP you need the PC version of GTA: San Andreas. GTA: San Andreas needs to already be installed on your PC in order to install UG-MP. If you do not already own the PC version of GTA: San Andreas then you can purchase the game on Steam or other sites. Download the UG-MP client installe by viewing the link below, make sure you install Snapshot 4 as this is required when installing the latest which is basically a patch. Next run the installer and install the program in to your GTA San Andreas folder. Once UG-MP i
  5. Discord https://discord.gg/Uf8xuvu Teamspeak ts.ng-gaming.com SA-MP samp.ng-gaming.com User Control Panel https://cp.ng-gaming.com
  6. @Hector [ Development Manager ] @Pearson [ GTA V Manager ] @Jason [ Web Manager ] @Jared Binc [ SA:MP Manager ] @Hannes [ Senior Developer ] @Mattias [ SA:MP Staff ] @Sam Ryland [ SA:MP Staff ] @BillyGreaves [ GTA V Staff ] @Cody [ GTA V Staff ] @Ichiro [ SA:MP Staff ] @Satan [ SA:MP Staff ] @Chan [ SA:MP Staff ] @Colefield [ SA:MP Staff ] @Ermetano [ SA:MP Staff ] @Mustang [ SA:MP Staff ] @Napom [ SA:MP Staff ] @Reece [ SA:MP Staff ] @Rockwell [ SA:MP Staff ] @RyderHawke [ SA:MP Staff ] @Tyler Reed [
  7. Dude, your signature is epic!!! Counter Strike for the win :P
  8. suck me off once in a while
  9. nick do u even 3hunna bang bang chief keef sosa oblock?
  10. Hey how's it going? Haven't seen you for a quite a while.
  11. Good shit. If you ever need some new graphics for Vortex Servers website gimme a shout
  12. ya I keep a watch on things