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  1. NEXT GENERATION LEGACY DELAYED COMMUNITY RELAUNCH Hello everyone, I'd like to begin by saying thank you to everyone who's sent in a suggestion for anything over the past couple of weeks. Your feedback is being listened to and we're currently working on the implementation of many of your suggestions. We will begin to update you all on mass updates, including the Nightclub Update, very soon. In order for us to improve and implement all the excellent ideas we've been receiving we will require time to do so. Whilst we have already implemented the majority of suggestions, certain in
  2. Hi Skyline, we're working on introducing new features to make the roleplay in game more fun and like I mentioned in the announcement we'll be showcasing these features once we're fully done implementing them into the game. We've also reworked our staff team and are working really hard to try implement all the suggestions we've been given. Thanks for your feedback though. I'm not too sure what you're referring to but we are working on making changes as mentioned in the announcement including clamping down on toxicity and general rule breaking across our services. I hope this response he
  3. Hello Luke, I would like to know how exactly you determined that I’m not me, I’m literally using the same forum account that I used when I was an admin, I can give you screenshots from the control panel when I was an admin, and even answer questions that only I know..

    Cant pm because my inbox is full and I have 3G with one line for the next week 

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      I've gone ahead and edited my response to your request. I do apologise for this. Thanks!

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  4. NEXT GENERATION LEGACY OUR FUTURE Hello everyone, I'd like to begin by saying thank you for your support during these strange times. It's no surprise to everyone that the server clearly isn't doing very well, and we'd like to apologise to everyone who genuinely came onto our community to have a fun time. In this announcement i'd like to set out the plan we've made for the future of this community and where we're going to be heading. Next Generation Legacy will be locking its UG:MP Game Server tonight, the reasons for which I'd like to explain below. A CLARIFICATION: N
  5. Can you please work on my Scam Complaints? It's taking forever for it to be processed even tho' it's just a reply to work on it. http://www.newgenerationgaming.net/forums/showthread.php?448687-Complaint-against-Danny-Cartman http://www.newgenerationgaming.net/forums/showthread.php?448686-Complaint-against-Simon-Vio-Kush