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  1. Hey Billy,
    I just wanted to say you are looking kind of cute today. 💋


    1. BillyGreaves


      thanks scotty xoxo

  2. Community Advisory Roster Simon Core (Jordan) Chief Community Advisor Oceanic Jackson Ancelotti (Jackie) Senior Community Advisor European Sam Ryland Senior Community Advisor North America -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Community Advisors European Team Stefan Legend Tyler Reed Lodie Apeson North American Team Moorice ElArma Bo Maddox Jamie Rain San Antonio Oceanic Team Salem Takahiro Nathaniel Santiago Lenny Sanders Joe Wise
  3. Community Advisor Recruitment Requirements and Process ** In Effect as of 15th February** Below is a list of requirement that are mandatory for Advisory applicants, along with the process of being recruited into the Advisory Team. Recruitment Requirements Must be at least level 5 ingame. Must be relatively fluent in English. Must be professional and mature. No administrative bans. Must have discord and teamspeak with a functioning microphone Must know the server rules and guidelines inside and out. Recruitment Process
  4. Advisory Recruitment Status Below is a list of timezones for Advisory recruitment. All applications will be taken into consideration by the Director of Advisor or Advisory Moderators with the assistance of the Advisory Moderators. A review/reply will be placed on your application as soon as possible. [NA] - Open [EU] - Open [OC] -Open
  5. Accept my FL usergroup...
  6. u like car mclaren?
  7. Can you do something for me?