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Connecting to Next Gen Legacy on Teamspeak3

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To connect to the Next Generation Legacy Teamspeak 3 server, it is as simple as ensuring you have the latest version of Teamspeak 3 installed.


Once Teamspeak is installed, the simplest way to make sure you can connect to the server in future is to click this link which will launch Teamspeak and direct connect you to the server.

From there click the bookmarks tab at the top of the window and create a new bookmark.


Add a server and client nickname as you wish and save. This will allow you to quickly and easily connect to the server from the TS3 client instead of needing to enter the IP everytime you connect, you can also choose to connect straight to a specific channel if you wish.



Once connected, feel free to explore the server at your leisure. Don't forget to ask your faction or gang leaders for your specific groups tags so you can easily be identified to friends and organization members.

You may also wait in the Pending Admin Assistance channels for higher levels of tags such as VIP, Retired Admin, etc.

Please only do so if these tags apply to you and you have evidence to support this.


Don't forget to read up on the Teamspeak rules, found HERE. Have fun!








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