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Welcome to Next Generation Legacy

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Hey guys!


We would glady like to welcome new/returning members to the re-launch of the very well known server Next Generation Gaming.


The Beginning of a New Era

The aim is to attempt to create a community and UG-MP server that will have an old school or legacy "feel" to it, with added features and changes. As we are aiming for a nostalgic feeling for the server; we will be using an older version of the gamemode from January 2015. We have gone through multiple versions and found this to be the most stable and cleanest version. A lot has already been done to the script along with an actual working anticheat. Hector Rivera has gone above and beyond with dedication in order to bring you an amazing UG-MP experience.

Here at NG: Legacy we strive to take the community to another level, attempting to relight the spark NGG had years ago. With the recent release of the new multiplayer client(s), we now have so many more new open doors to approach. We plan on hosting plenty of cash prize events, giveaways and leaderboards with constant updates regarding server content to keep everything feeling fresh and unique. Open criticism is always welcomed here, unlike most places, we’ll always listen to the community's feedback as none of this would be possible without you guys. we hope to see you all around!

Migrating to Underground Multiplayer

With the recent launch of the multiplayer modification Underground Multiplayer (gtaunderground.com) we in the lead administration team have taken this as a unique opportunity to jump on board in order to bring something new and fresh to the roleplay scene, the administration team is in the process of creating a roleplay environment with the new features, skins, weapons vehicles and models that this new client has to offer to the GTA 3D universe. However we will continue to respect and memorize all the success we had on the earlier client of SAMP.

Re-locating to Vice City

At this point in time, to give you an unique approach of the newly launched client we will be moving to Vice City, this means that we are working on bringing you an unique roleplay experience. This means that the server will be prioritized in Vice City, factions, gangs, jobs and even turfs will be based in Vice City.


Message from Faction Management

As the launch is approaching us faster than ever; The Faction Management has discussed and a conclusion has been drawn; The introducing factions will be the Vice City Police Department, Fire Department of Vice City, and the Government of Vice City.

We would like to congratulate Sean James on being appointed the first Chief of Police of Vice City, and to Simon Core being appointed the first Chief of the Fire & Medical Department of Vice City. These factions are officially hiring.

  • Chief of Police, Vice City Police Department: Sean James
  • Fire Chief, Fire Department of Vice City: Simon Core
  • Mayor, Government of Vice City: Vacant

VCPD Discord: https://discord.gg/NrrmTVS

FMDVC Discord: https://discord.gg/e4YWJj28F8


It is fully possible to join/reinstate into the following factions, if any of these factions seem interesting to you please reach out to a command member of the respected faction. More information to follow in a coming thread.


Message from Gang Management

The Department of Game Affairs conducted recruitments for gang applications over Discord and a couple of people have sent in their applications, Gang Management will follow up with a announcement with the official gangs.


Advisory, Retired Administrators & Reinstatements

Moving on to the most important topic to most of you; the staff team. We have a team of experienced and fully dedicated staff members that is looking forward to assist you under all circumstances in-game, on the forums, TeamSpeak and even Discord. New and old faces have assembled in hope for bringing NGG back to its former glory. Old members of the community, as well as experienced staff members will be happy to assist you the second we launch. We have a group of dedicated helpers in the Advisory Team that will help you with all the server-related questions regarding our script, gamemode and game functions. The Director of Advisory has been conducting recruitments for Advisory and I recommend everyone to shoot a application as this is a big chance to get you foot in the door when it comes to our STAFF team.


Unique Server Content

Our Head of Development Hector has gone above and beyond with the team in order to bring you the best roleplaying experience, the unique content added to the gamemode is just the beginning of this mind-blowing road, everything from explorable strip-clubs, blackjack systems, unique jobs and even a working anti-cheat; the server will without a doubt be in good hands knowing Hector is updating the gamemode day-to-day with new and unique content. To get a sneak peek go over to our Discord and check the #server-preview channel found by clicking here.


Development, Beta Testing, Mapping

We have a team of professional and experienced developers on standby to update the gamemode to prevent bugs, exploits and update you with an amazing gamemode on a daily basis alongside Hector. As for mapping, we have a team of dedicated mappers ready to turn Vice City into one of the beautiful cities in the game, those with interests on joining the beta team please reach out to the Head of Development or the Chief Beta Tester, more information to follow in a coming thread.


Last but not least, we'd like to thank our founding team and dedicated members who have helped us so much with the launch of this new and exciting community @Hector @Mitch @Sam @LukeF

We look forward to seeing you ingame!



The Lead Administration Team

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