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Hi, we have taken feedback from our launch last week and have decided to act on it. We have clearly had issues ranging from script bugs, 
client installation issues, opcodes causing crashes, lack of admins on duty, failing to enforce a correct roleplay standard, allowing a toxic culture and dealing with hackers. At the end of the day, we are players as well and want to be able to play the server how it's meant to be. We will be using what we have learned last week to improve where we failed as we want this community to succeed. 

Development -

Script issues have been ironed out over the week with an update everyday since launch. I believe we are close to a state where we have no major bugs and we can focus on content updates. As the lead developer for our community I want your feedback on everything we add. At the end of the day, this content is for you. I will be making posts asking for ideas or feedback on systems and we will add what you want.

Client -

The UG-MP team have released their latest update. This update patches a lot of the issues that caused crashes. This wouldn't of been possible without you guys reporting the opcode errors so they could track them down and fix them. Along with this update is an auto installer! This will help new players connect to our server as I know a lot of people have been put off due to the current installation process. 

Staff Team -

I have personally seen to that changes have been made to the admin team. It was clear that we lacked admins in certain timezones which isn't acceptable. Other position changes have been made which will hopefully improve the system.

Roleplay Standard -

This is a big one that I believe caused a lot of issues. This caused players to be prisoned/banned while others did not. This is not acceptable and not how we want this server to function. As a result of this we have decided to unban majority of the accounts from last week. This is due to our miscommunication. From this point out however if you play on this server, you are expected to roleplay to some extent. This means you cannot drive around and shoot at people randomly and then /vdance over their body. If you are playing around with a friend away from others, do what you want! Really this just means you can act non rp if it's not affecting others on the server. If your in paintball/event, you can /vdance over a body all you want. Basically what I'm trying to say is try to keep a standard going otherwise you will face a prison or ban after this. This applies to all factions and gangs. Leaders of gangs are encouraged to remove anyone caught doing this as we do not want to disband groups over the actions of others.

Toxic Culture -

This is something that is being enforced from here on out. It puts people off and half of the time it's disgusting. If you start chatting racist shit or something along those lines you will be muted. Be it over /g or Discord. We just do not want it here. We will have a NSFW channel on Discord if you want to be toxic but that's it.

Hacking -

Hector has spent the last few days sorting out the anticheat and I believe it should no longer be an issue. However hacks are made as fast as the anticheat is so it will be a constant issue of patching them. 

Advertisement -  

Now that 4.1.7 has been released, we're able to freely advertise without the hassle of players crashing during high population / events. That being said, we're gathering a list of potential youtubers / streamers and would also like to give back to the community by seeking youtubers from the community itself.

Events -

We want to host more large scale events that allow us to give back to the community more whether it's with in game items or cash prizes. A few ideas are listed below. More information soon.

Deagle 1v1 Event - $50 Cash Prize
Roleplay Event - $50 Cash Prize
Zombie Event - In Game Prize(s)

VIP - 

We've taken the feedback regarding VIP into account and we'll be working to improve the commands and perks for a more enjoyable and worthwhile experience when purchasing VIP whilst continuing to steer away from the P2W aspect.

Final words -

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has played on the server, reported bugs, donated, or helped out in anyway. Opening a server in 2021 isn't an easy task, let alone moving to a new client and having these issues listed above. However we are not giving up due to having a rough start. We believe in this community of ours that has essentially been going for ten years with breaks in between. We don't expect a massive playerbase as it's not for everyone anymore, but we want to make our server a place where people can come on and have some fun. That's the goal and we are going to try to make it.

Community Vote

Map - https://www.strawpoll.me/42691877

Roleplay Standard - https://www.strawpoll.me/42691878

Global Chat - https://www.strawpoll.me/42691879


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