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Delayed Community Relaunch

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to begin by saying thank you to everyone who's sent in a suggestion for anything over the past couple of weeks. Your feedback is being listened to and we're currently working on the implementation of many of your suggestions. We will begin to update you all on mass updates, including the Nightclub Update, very soon.

In order for us to improve and implement all the excellent ideas we've been receiving we will require time to do so. Whilst we have already implemented the majority of suggestions, certain in game scripting features are still yet to be done and as a result we will be delaying our launch by a week. Our new expected launch date will be the Saturday, 13th March 2021.

This has been done, again, so we can improve our server and community. We will also be taking this time to showcase our newest features and updates which I can say I am very proud of and would like to thank @Hector and @Hannes for their amazing work so far. Our newest script update brings about the biggest update the server has seen so far and once we're ready to showcase them we will be posting screenshots of our features and updating changelogs weekly via the forums, so do stay tuned.

Our networking department has worked closely with our community ops staff members to create unique and exciting events for players to participate in. We have, from your suggestions, implemented:

  • The 'Prestigious Player' System
  • The 'Prestigious+' System
  • New and improved ideas for community events hosted by the Advisory Board (the biggest of which can be found below)
  • Players of the Month
  • Updated trailers and showcased features for the community to view during this 'updating' period

We will be giving you more information on these fun and exciting new ideas very soon. As well as this, our staff team has undergone certain changes with @Behemoth being introduced as the new Director of Faction Management and @Yannick as our new Assistant Director of Game Affairs who'll both be working to oversee the Game Affairs Department alongside @Noel.  From your suggestions, we are currently working on implementing:

  • The Nightclubs Update
  • Twitter
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Weapons Licensing (ran by the VCPD)
  • Police Location Display
  • The CCTV Update
  • The 'Legal Faction' Update
  • Phone Updates
  • Gang & Faction Updates (incl. new features with more RP opportunities to gain financial rewards)

There is so much more which we'll be adding and showcasing soon. Our factions have already started to update their forums and recruitment processed under their new chief @Ridgway. We've also brought back the VCPD Forums which can be found on https://vcpd.ng-gaming.com


On relaunch, we'll be hosting our 1v1 Deagle Event the prize for which will be $50 USD! One lucky player will be able to win this, the rules for participating are:

  • Must have Teamspeak 3
  • Must be able to record their gameplay at a minimum of 30fps and submit it to the event managers
  • Must not be using any sort of hack/modification which gives them an unfair advantage over the other player
  • Must have PayPal in order to receive the cash prize
  • Must be 18 or over

To participate in the event, you'll need to fill out this form by clicking here so that we're able to record your attendance and make sure you're present in game. Please note that the cash prize will only be given if you meet the criteria above.

We hope that you all have a great week, stay safe, and I hope to see you all in game soon!

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Whelp, I was looking forward to the relaunch of the server today but sure, I can wait for a little longer as long as the server will get further improvement/s. Thank you @admins & @programers/coders for your hard work!


See ya'll next weekend again!

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